GIS News

  • All of Porirua City Council computer sytems have been migrated into the cloud with a new service provider Dimension Data, as part of shared services. Unfortunately this caused a print outage, which is now rectified (23 Mar 2017)

  • Property valuations updated.Click rates link in GIS and see Future Values. new rates struck July 2017 are based on these values. Rating values will be based on the average capital value, if the property has decreased or increased over the average then expect to pay more or less, based on that quantity of change (1 Dec 2016)

  • Help has been updated. (Oct 2016)

  • Our new urban aerials have been processed and released to the public. These were flown 1st Febuary 2016. AAM Ltd and Porirua City Council hold joint Copyright. We expect new rural aerial orthophotography this coming summer, as part of Wellington regional local govt. initiative. (Aug. 2016)

  • We are developing 3D capability, based on a prototype from AAM. This uses a generic browser such as Edge (Microsofts new IE on Windows 8, 10) or any browser that supports Open WebGL. We recommend using Chrome v50+ (Jul. 2016)

    Try this link 3D City Plan

  • Our Public GIS Viewer now has RFS button (Make Request for Service). Like all our technology, it can be used on smart phone and you can load pictures of what Council needs to fix as well as interactively identifying where the fault is and can choose a service type. UPDATE: the mailer is broken due to network issues. Please call customer services. (Mar. 2015)

  • Our Public GIS viewer has been upgraded. This can be used on smartphones and has PDF property reports. (Feb. 2014)

  • We have now developed Pathfinder from the Silverlight platform onto HTML5. This means it can be used on both tablet and smartphone. This allows an easy to use interactive viewer to showcase outdoor and recreational activities. Use your mobile devices to plan your next adventure and track your position. The new mobile 'Pathfinder' viewer allows users to define and select specific walking and cycling criteria.

  • Features:
    Search and plan your trip
    View walks and rides View facilities and points of interest photos
    Geolocation´┐Żfind your location in regard to position
    View an elevation profile of your selected path
    Thanks to our former City Partner Sponsor North South GIS, who are now part of the AAM Group.(Dec. 2013)

  • Porirua City Council begins implementing a 5 year strategic plan. Our MapInfo Exponare is replaced with ESRI ArcServer using a Flex public viewer. Previous data in coordinate system of NZMG was translated to the LINZ New Zealand Transverse Mercator (NZTM) projection. This new GIS architecture has provided a common Spatial Data Infrastructure across Wellington region. (Nov 2010)


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