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Tsunami Evacuation Zones
This map helps you find the tsunami evacuation zone for any address in Porirua. See below the map to find out what to do if you are in an evacuation zone.
Feedback email: emergencymanagement@pcc.govt.nz

Natural warnings:

If you experience any of the following:

- A strong earthquake (ie. it's hard to stand up) or

- A weak, rolling earthquake that lasts a minute or more, or

- The ocean behaves strangely (unusual noises or the ocean rushing in or out)

Immediately evacuate the Red, Orange and Yellow Zones. Do not wait for official warnings, as a tsunami may be only minutes away.

Official warnings:

Official warnings will be issued by Civil Defence Emergency Management officials.  Follow official instructions & evacuate from the zone(s) stated in the warning and stay out until the official "all-clear" is given.

Do not go boating, fishing or swimming during a tsunami warning, and stay away from beaches and out of the water for at least 24 hours after the warning has been cancelled as tidal currents may still be unpredictable.